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Organizational Motto
Main Activities


1-Activities of Equipment and Machinery Unit
Designing, Manufacturing, Installation & Initiation of
 - Equipment & Machinery of Flour Mills
 - Equipment & Machinery of Waste Material Treatment & Organic Compost Production Plants
 - Equipment & Machinery of Tractor Assembly Lines
 - Equipment & Machinery According to Customers’ Order

2- Activities of Tools & Parts Unit
- Designing and manufacturing different types of special cutting tools in international grade A such as: hob, broach, shaper cutter, milling cutter, special forming tools for chipping
 - Designing and manufacturing different measuring tools, gauges and adaptors
 - Designing and manufacturing different molds and dies
 - Designing and manufacturing different gauges and fixtures d dies
 - Repairing and restoration of different types of tools and molds
 - Heat treatment & hardening processes

3- Foundation Section
Cast iron parts:
 - Ductile cast iron
 - Gray cast iron
 - Alloy cast iron
Steel Parts:

Incombustible steel

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