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Iran Tractor Industrial Services Co. (ITISCO) as one of the satellite companies of Iran Tractor Manufacture (ITM) separated from parent company in order to orientate, centralize and facilitate capacities and potential and actual forces along with the parent company's goal and extend and develop its production and technical-engineering activities and started to work independently in 1992.
Furthermore in line with synergy, centralization and efficient use of facilities, this company merged with Machine and Tool Manufacture Co. in 2009. Relying on technical and specific capabilities of human resources and existing facilities in Iran Tractor Manufacture Group, through identifying existing potential in industries carrying high technology and currency, this company has started to act and managed to localize some of those important industries.
Establishing plants of convertible industries (recycling, flour-milling, metal silos and industrial flat bread production line), assembly line, designing, manufacturing, installing and operating heavy industrial equipments(heavy metal structure, bridges with metal and concrete structure, dams with hydro mechanical hatches, water and sewage refineries, manufacturing tools, parts and farm implements and offering technical-engineering services are some of  main activities of ITISCO. 

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